"No Bait and Switch." These are our prices and save an extra 10% with our Chicken Feed Special.


We are the Two Pair Opticians!
Affordable Eyewear’s Everyday
Two Pair Special

We offer:

2 Pairs of Single Vision Glasses Starting at $119.00
2 Pairs of Bifocals $139.00
2 Pairs of Progressive Bifocal Lenses $300.00
• Price Includes: Frames/Lenses/Scratch coat/Tint/UV400


Some Restrictions Apply (see sidebar>)


We give an extra 10% off any of our sale items when you bring us a bag of CHICKEN FEED

Call for Details 334 834 2020


All 2pair purchases are on sale, 20% off first pair and 50% of 2nd pair.

Affordable Eyewear's Colored Tag Two Pair Specials

Single Vision:
2 Pair Red Tag - $119.00
2 Pair Blue Tag - $139.00
2 Pair Yellow Tag - $179.00

Flattop Bifocal
2 Pair Red Tag - $139.00
2 Pair Blue Tag - $179.00
2 Pair Yellow Tag - $209.00

Progressive No-line
Yellow Tag - $179.00
2 Pair - $300.00

At Affordable Eyewear we strive to bring you quality and Affordable lenses and frames.

When you bring the CHICKEN FEED you get a Dozen Cage Free.           Farm Rasied Fresh Eggs. FREE


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